Luis Enrique Phuket Yoga Instructor

Luis Enrique III

Luis Enrique III - Phuket Yoga Instructor Luis Enrique III's Bio 400 word description goes here SPECIALITIES QUALIFICATIONS PRICING

Simon Sutherland

Simon Sutherland - Phuket Yoga Instructor Simon Sutherland's Bio 400 word description goes here SPECIALITIES QUALIFICATIONS   PRICING

Rhian Miller

Rhian Miller - Phuket Yoga Instructor Contact/Follow Rhian Here: Rhian Miller's Bio Rhian believes yoga can be used to benefit many aspects of one’s life, physically and mentally. Having several years experience of running a Muay Thai gym...
Valeriia Andreeva

Valeriia Andreeva

  Valeriia Andreeva Valeriia Andreeva training was conducted in traditional ways, a live-in situation with master and student which spanned for over 2 years. Complete dedication to my chosen life art journey. Have been leading the...
Yoga Instructor Phuket

Lana Karenina

Lana Karenina - Phuket Yoga Instructor Lana Karenina's Bio Lana Karenina has lived in Phuket for over 5 years & has been practing/teaching Yoga   Yoga for over 15 years. Lana has alot of experience in Health...

Nitikarn Thachina

Nitikarn - Phuket Yoga Instructor Kru Niti's Bio Kru Nitiikarn (Niti) is a Phuket Yoga Instructor, she has over 10 years of experience in personal training and teaching, She has personally been touched by the benefits of meditation and yoga...
Kim White - Phuket Yoga Instructor

Kim White

Kim White - Phuket Yoga Instructor You can contact/follow Kim on the Social Links Below: Kim White's Bio Kim White embarked on her yogic journey in early childhood. After many years of practical training, Kim’s path would cross...
Santosa Detox & wellness Center


Santosa Phuket Wellness Center Santosa Phuket and Wellness Center is a detox centre with a lot of different programs. They range the standard full fast, juice fast and raw food fast that most detox and...
Atsumi healing Detox Phuket


Atsumi Healing Phuket Atsumi Retreat Healing Center is the longest operating and most established center in Phuket and our focus is primarily on fasting and detoxification. Our resort is a beautiful haven of peace and...

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