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The first ever Phuket detox centre opened in 2005, Atsumi Healing, with just 6 bungalows and a small Yoga Sala. Fast forward to today, and you have about 15+ detox centres in Phuket. However, there are only 7 major ones that are worth listing. These centres are dedicated to Detox Facilities. Some of which have been around for more than a decade. If they are not listed here, I would not bother with them.

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The Phuket detox centres all offer a similar variety of detoxing options. They all provide different levels of fasting or dieting. The full fast, also known as the ultimate cleanse, is one of the hardest. It’s zero food. All you can ingest is various fluids like water or tea. You take 2 leading supplements, Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk. On top of that, you will take 2 colema a day and receive a message each day.

This is the basics of all Phuket Detox Centers regarding their main fasting program.

The other program will be Juice Fasting, which is self-explanatory. Another popular program amongst the Phuket Detox community is Raw food fasting. Raw Food recipes have come a long way and are easy and fast to do in warm climates like Thailand simply because Raw food cannot be cooked or warmed above 40 degrees. So it’s always cold, but not bland cold foods like salads.

Below is the list of the leading detox centres in Phuket. Go through the list and read about each one. They all have their unique style and added benefits and features. Some only do Raw food programs.

Amity Wellness

Amity Wellness

Amity Wellness Michelle Cooper, the previous manager of Atsumi Healing, founded Amity Wellness. After years of experience in natural medicine, she finally opened up her detox centre. They opened their doors in Phuket back in 2012They offer 3 types of detox programs:...

Paleo Weight Loss Retreat

Paleo Weight Loss Retreat

Paleo Weight Loss RetreatPaleo Thailand Weight Loss Retreat offers a traditional eating approach to rapid weight loss whilst restoring your energy levels and health to optimal levels. Their eating plan is specifically designed for weight loss, however it addresses a...



Santosa Wellness Center Santosa Phuket and Wellness Center is a detox centre with a lot of different programs. They range the standard full fast, juice fast and raw food fast that most detox and wellness places do in Phuket. They also have a Vegan program and raw...



Atsumi Healing Phuket Atsumi Retreat Healing Center is the longest operating and most established center in Phuket and our focus is primarily on fasting and detoxification. Our resort is a beautiful haven of peace and tranquility with plenty of greenery and a yoga...

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