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Are you thinking about travelling to Phuket? Have some questions? What to know about training here? Need some on-the-ground information? Or maybe you want to keep up to date with the local fight scene? First, get to know the vibe/gossip. Share your experience. Give travel tips/advice. Then you should join the official Phuket Discord.

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Phuket Fighters Home Page

Phuket Fighters is not just for the resident fighters of Phuket but the Travellers/Tourist interested in Training/Fighting or simply looking for a healthy, fitness-oriented holiday,

Whether you wish to jump in the ring/octagon or perhaps just want to lose some weight & shape up. This is the one-stop website for all your Health & Fitness needs.

Thai Boxing Gym Reviews

Review the local Phuket Muay Thai Gyms

One of the hardest things to know is which gym is best for you & your goals/needs. Well, Phuket Fighters provides you with your answers. We have all the Muay Thai/MMA gyms and General Fitness/Detox Centers & Gyms under review from the people that have already been & trained there. Learn from their experiences, learn more in-depth knowledge of each gym & see how they stack up against our five-start review system.



Get the edge in your training with some custom programs developed by Phuket’s Best Personal Trainers.



Got that niggling pain? Think you pushed too hard in your last session? Find Phuket Best Physiotherapist.



Want to know how to refuel your body properly to keep up with the training? Check out Nutritionists.



Everyone needs more mobility and flexibility. Come to have a look at Phuket’s top Yoga Instructors.

Phuket Health & Fitness

Phuket has become Thailand’s Market Hub for Health & Fitness & if that’s what you are looking for, you came to the right place. Check out our Weight Loss Section for all the information on Detox, Health Retreats & Fitness Centres.

Top 5 Things To Do In Phuket

Most attractions in Phuket are not exactly the healthiest. So when trying to take a break from training but not wanting to go out drinking & reverse all the hard work. Here is a list of some cool things to do on your day off that don’t require last nights & alcohol.

Phuket Property

Finding suitable accommodation in Phuket can be a nightmare, especially when you’re not in the country yet. Fortunately, a local expat came up with an ingenious idea… Phuket Property Facebook Group. It’s a group full of Holiday homeowners & estate agents. Post your arrival times, how many rooms, budget etc.

Phuket Property and accommodation