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Welcome to the Phuket Physiotherapy page. We created this page to list all the top and well-known Physiotherapist that are stationed in Phuket. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for someone to tell you they are a Physiotherapist in Phuket. But actually, be nothing more than Thai Massues. Even Westerners who have done a Thai massage course are walking around calling themselves Phuket Physiotherapist.

Being in the heart of Phuket health and fitness industry for 15 years, I have heard many horror stories. I have also heard of many amazing stories of people recovering from injuries and pain that has plagued them for years.

It’s these Physiotherapists that I would like to list here. Qualified, experienced and passionate about what they do.

Phuket Physiotherapist Check Up.

Even if you are not injured or have serious pain, a checkup with a Physio or osteopath is highly recommended. Especially if you been training a lot or you are about to start a heavy training regime.

Physiotherapists can check for any imbalances or misalignments that you might want to correct first before any training. Exercising with muscle imbalance will only facilitate that imbalance. So try to correct any you might have first, or incorporate correction exercise in your training regime.

Below is a range of current and active physiotherapist in Phuket, Thailand. Each person listed here has a reputation for excellence. They live in Phuket and have practised their style of Physiotherapy here for many years. They are all qualified with work permits.

Please check out all the Therapists and choose which one you believe suits you. Read their reviews from previous clients.

Gerard CIR Ostopath

Gerard CIR

Gerard CIR Gerard CIR is a very well experienced Osteopath from France. He has a clinic in Chalong, only a few 100 meters from the Chalong Police Station. He is one of the few therapists...

Thomas Engberts

Thomas Engberts Thomas Engberts, Also known as, The Injury Fixer. He works a lot with the Muay Thai and MMA fighters. Whenever they get injured from training or a fight, Thomas is there to get...
Brian D. Kendall Phuket Physiotherapist

Brian D. Kendall

Brian D. Kendall - Phuket Physiotherapist. Contact Brian I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Brian is...
Charlie Arm Phuket Physiotherapist

Charlie Arm

Charlie Arm Phuket Physiotherapist Charlie is a Thai Physio. He has perfect English and has a lot of happy customers from all over Europ and USA. He has been a practitioner for more than 5...

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