Unit 17

At the peak of CrossFit’s popularity, several gyms stated they were CrossFit affiliated with fully qualified CrossFit trainers, none of which were true. Unit 27 was the only legitimate CrossFit gym in Phuket at the time of its opening in 2011.

Their popularity grew simply because of the quality, legitimacy and their trainer’s knowledge and professionalism. Unit 27 became a well-known place for high-quality fitness classes that involved proper warm-ups, strategic execution of workouts and a sound cool down. Unit 27 has gone from strength to strength. They opened their dedicated weights gym just down their road called Primal Fitness.

Unit 27 Facilities

Swedish Sauna & Ice Bath

Swedish saunas are famous for their heat as if it was needed in Thailand. Most saunas around Phuket are Herbal Steam rooms. Not many places have a dry heat sauna that gets to Swedish temperatures. Using this with the Ice Bath is a great combination to help recover from a hard day’s training. I recommend taking advantage of this every day.

Body Composition Machine

Unit 27 invested in a Body Composition analysis machine called the BC-418, priced at over USD 5,000. The machine will analyse your body composition, which will distinguish your body weight: muscle, fat, water/fluids, etc. Taking your Body Composition before you start your fitness/weight loss mission and head back home is a great idea. A lot of the time, the weigh scales will not reflect your progress accurately. A Body Composition analysis will do this perfectly and keep you inspired at times when you feel like you are unmotivated.


Unit 27 has a restaurant on the same road as their fitness studio and weight gym. The Restaurant is called Muscle bar. It has a variety of healthy, filling food to keep you fuelled up for the workouts.

Photos of Unit 27

Some photos of Unit 27 facility, their classes, training facility and their clients having fun.

Unit 27 Location

This is Unit 27 location on google maps, they have space for bike parking but no car parking – They are located on Soi Ti eed also known as Soi Muay Thai (Soi = Road) Same road as Tiger Muay Thai & Phuket Top Team

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Unit 27 Promo Video

Quick high light video to give you a good feel of the gym their facility and style of training. very hard core.