Top 5 Minecraft Servers In Thailand

Table Of Contents

  • How We Score Them
  • Salty Zombies
  • Hypixel
  • Mineplex
  • Cubecraft
  • The Hive
  • Conclusion

Minecraft is a popular game that has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. With its unique blend of creativity, exploration, and adventure, Minecraft has become a staple of the gaming community. Thailand is no exception, with many players in the country joining Minecraft servers to connect with other players and explore the game’s vast world. In this article, we will be discussing the top 5 Minecraft servers in Thailand.

How do we score the servers?

Most people score Minecraft servers by how many players they have, but the most popular servers in any game are not always the best, and they might not be the best for you. So we scored the best Minecraft servers in Thailand by various variables. For example, are the Admins and Moderators active and reachable? Is the community welcoming and friendly, or toxic and clique? Does the server run well, or are they lag spikes and optimization problems? What features do they have, and are they standard features/mod or custom ones?

There are quite a lot that we consider when deciding on the best Minecraft Server in Thailand, and we do all that hard work so you don’t have to. Below is the list of servers we recommend, and don’t get me wrong, they are all good servers. But we have listed them from top to bottom in the order we thing is the best.


#1 Salty Zombies

We start with the best Minecraft Server in Thailand. We have Salty Zombies. Founded by a local Thailand Expat in 2018 for his daughter and his friends. It soon became one of Thailand’s most popular Minecraft Servers and grew from there. It has multiple worlds like a Creative world, Dungeon world, Neither world, and Survival world, and lots of mini-games like the Parkour arena etc. Not to mention it has a variety of cool mods, like jobs and quests, as well as a progress/levelling up system.

The biggest thing that impressed us was their support system. We created a support ticket in Discord, and before I could even write out my question, an actual human asked, “How can we help you today?” Within minutes my questions were answered. Salty Zombies has a better support system than most billion dollar companies. This fantastic customer support is probably why they are one of the best Minecraft Servers in Asia.

#2 Hypixel Server

Now our second choice for the most popular Minecraft server in Thailand would have to be Hypixels Asia Server. They have servers all over the world and have been around since 2012. So they are the longest-standing Minecraft server, no doubt. However, what puts them in 2nd place, rather than first, is the personal touches and being as big as they are, they have lost that community feel. But no doubt they have the numbers. They also have a lot of customizations on their Minecraft servers. In addition, they have full-time developers building unique and custom mods, so you will have a lot of features on their server that you might not find anywhere else.

#3 Mineplex Server

The Mineplex Minecraft server is renowned for its mini-games like Bridges, Clans, Super Smash, speed builders and many more. They are official Partners of Mojang, the developer of Minecraft. This makes them a pretty well-known and one of the most popular Minecraft servers in Thailand.

#4 Cubecraft Server

Cubecraft is a popular Minecraft server that was created in 2013 by CubeCraft Games. The server offers a variety of game modes, including mini-games, survival, and creative modes. Cubecraft also has a unique feature called Cubelets, which are random rewards that players can earn by playing games on the server. The server’s community is known for being friendly and welcoming, making it a great choice for players in Thailand who are looking for a welcoming community to join.

#5 The Hive Server

The Hive is a Minecraft server created in 2013 by The Hive Team. The server offers a variety of game modes, including mini-games, survival, and Creative Mode. It’s a good choice for Minecraft Servers in Thailand because it has a ranking system that allows players to progress and unlock new features and abilities. The server’s community is known for being friendly and welcoming, and the server is well-maintained by its staff. With its fun game modes and active community, The Hive is an excellent choice for Minecraft players in Thailand.


In conclusion, the best Minecraft Server in Thailand has to be Salty Zombies by far. Each server offers a unique aspect to every player. Still, the overall community feel, layout, server performance, and, importantly, the active and hard-working staff put Salty Zombies in the lead for us. This is not to say you won’t have an absolute blast on any of these other Minecraft Servers in Thailand. You will, and it is important to try different servers to see which is the best fit for you, your interests and your playing style. Join our Minecraft Discord Servers and let us know which one you think is best.