Gifts Ideas For Your Muay Thai Trainer

Since I just recently wrote an article about gifts for a personal trainer on my personal website, I figured I would write this one for Muay Thai Trainers. As an ex Thai Boxer, I’ve spent many years in the gym, sweating it out & following my trainer’s instructions. Quite a few times, I also get to witness those awkward moments when a student wishes to show their appreciation and brings a gift for their trainer in order to thank them. However, it is almost always a bottle of Sang Som that they get. Now I hate to burst the bubble, but that is not really the ideal gift for your Muay Thai Trainer, who has put in a lot of hard work on you.

Sure, Sang Som is the local Thai whiskey, and the Thai’s love whiskey! But Sang Som isn’t that great of a whiskey. It tastes pretty ok & gives you one hell of a hangover. People usually buy it because it’s cheap & easy to get! But that doesn’t make it a great gift for your Muay Thai Trainer, does it? And then I see some gleamy-eyed student bring in a big black box of Sang Som, expecting the trainer to shed tears of joy. But guess what? All they get, as expected, is a general ‘thank you.’

If you want to thank your Muay Thai trainer for all the hard work he’s put into you, then you will have to do better than some cheap whiskey. I guess it’s about time I help all you folks out there who genuinely wish to show their appreciation for their Muay Thai Trainer.

#1 Get A Real Good Whisky Like Johnnie Walker Black Label

We all like to have a good drink. And no doubt, the Thai trainers love their whiskey. But you don’t celebrate with some cheap stuff like the Sang Som or Hong Thong and any of that other stuff they sell at the 7/11. That stuff they can have any day, anyway!

If you want them to remember you for something good before leaving, then don’t be a  cheapskate and get them the good stuff like the Johnnie Walker black label. You know, something they can’t usually afford. That is sure to put a grand smile on your trainer’s face.

#2 Get Them Good Quality Support Braces & Bandages

All those Muay Thai trainers didn’t get to where they are today by just sitting around the gym. They’ve all suffered injuries from their fighting days, which tend to hurt them even now from time to time. The next time you go for training, just make a note of how many of the coaches & trainers have wrapped their waist, shin, knee, or ankle in bandages.

In most cases, these are old bandages that are no longer even elastic. Makes sense then to gift your Muay Thai trainer some good quality support braces & bandages, doesn’t it? Make sure to get them a good branded set that lasts, & they’ll remember you each time they wear it.

#3 Get Them Something Unique From Your Country

Alright, so you traveled all the way to Thailand to get your Muay Thai training, and before you go back, what’ll you do? You’ll go get yourself a souvenir to remind you of your travels here. Why? Because it feels special.

And that is why it’ll feel special to your trainer as well when you gift him a local souvenir from your county. A unique gift like that is perfect for showing your appreciation to your trainer.  In case you forgot to get something from your country, look around the local Khao Lak market for something that resembles your local culture. Sure, it won’t be the same, but the effort and meaning will still count. Just make sure to get something from your country when you visit again.

#4 Take Your Trainer & His Family Out To Dinner

It is not always the materialistic gifts that count. A genuine gesture can go a long way too. One such idea is to take your trainer and their family out to a nice dinner. Somewhere that might be out of their usual places to eat. You can, of course, splurge a bit on the trainer that has put so much effort into your training. It’s also an excellent way for you to experience the Thai culture as well.

#5 Gift For Muay Thai Trainer – Get Something That Is Personal To Your Trainer

You know, your Muay Thai trainer, dedicated as they may be, do like doing other stuff too. But of course, you need to know your trainer well to know what other passions they follow. Many of them love football and religiously follow their favorite teams every match. How about getting them a jersey of their favorite player? Some of the trainers I know love to go fishing every other weekend. A nice fishing rod would be a fine gift, indeed. It also shows them that you care enough to pay attention to what they love doing.

How about giving them some hard cash? Well, it has more than one side to it. Giving cash means you don’t have to take too much effort into it. Also, it loses the personal touch. On the other hand, if your financial position enables you and you know your trainer to be facing some hard times, then nothing helps as much as cash in hand!

It basically comes down to the kind of relationship you have with your trainer. Ultimately, it is all the meaning behind the gift that counts the most. Even stuff like framing a photo with your trainer has great sentimental value. There’s a good chance they might hang the photo at home. And that is much more valuable than some cheap whiskey that anyone could get. Just be genuine, put in some effort behind it, and if you’re stuck for original ideas, get one of the top 5 gifts for your Muay trainer mentioned above, and you’ll do fine. I also wrote an article about the best gifts for a weight lifters. Perhapes this might also give you ideas since Muay Thai Trainers are starting to learn the value of weight lifting and strenth and condition to help them in their sport.