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Titan Fitness Phuket is one of the largest fitness camps in Phuket and is divided into an outdoor training fitness facility, Strongman area and assault course. Furthermore, Titan has a three storey indoor gym with Yoga Studio and accommodation. The indoor gym has a protein bar and gear shop located in the reception.

Titan Fitness vision is to offer you the customer the highest level of training and make your stay here at Titan Fitness Camp an enjoyable experience, one you will never forget. Most people who go to Titan Fitness join because they want to transform their bodies and get a kick start into healthy living. Stepping out of your comfort zone and placing yourself among people who are on the same mission as you is a great first step.

Titan Fitness Philosophy

Titan Fitness believe that training hard, eating healthily and resting a lot are 3 main keys to success in transforming your body. If that sounds easy, don’t be fooled, the reality is different. To guide, teach and help you reach your goals they have some of the best Personal Trainers Phuket has to offer. All of which are lead my head trainer Marie Dockalova.

They will tell you what to eat, how and when to train and rest. Rest and recovery are important and relaxing by the swimming pool between their classes are really nice! Recovery session is lead by Thomas Engberts AKA the Injury Fixer.

Titan Fitness Phuket offers 3 programs. Each one from 1 week to 12 weeks, all inclusive with accommodation, meals, classes plus numerous private personal training sessions each week, body composition, airport pick up and weekly massage. As well as other added bonuses. Each program ranges from 30,000thb to 125,000thb depending on which program you choose and how long you wish to do it for.

Transformation Program

The Transformation Program is lifestyle changing. You won’t just work on your fitness and weight loss goals but you will be taught how to continue your journey long after you have left. You will be given the knowledge and tools to transform your body into… well, to whatever it is you want to be. Whether you want to bulk up into a monster, trim down into a ripped athlete look of becoming the ultimate strong and all in-between.

1-12 weeks available – 1 Week 38,500THB – 4 weeks 125,000THB

Weight loss Program

The Titan Fitness Phuket Weightloss Program offers a uniquely designed program that’s just for you, using their facilities. No prior training or experience is requested to join the weight loss program. During your stay, you will be guided by their trainers and you will need to follow the fitness and dietary recommendations the entire stay. Stray from the program and your results may vary.

1-12 weeks available – 1 Week 36,500THB – 4 weeks 116,500THB

Yoga and Fitness Program

The Yoga and Fitness program is more really a Yoga Retreat. From what I see on the schedule its just Yoga, no fitness involved. Not saying Yoga isn’t hard or won’t help in improving one’s components of fitness. It’s just no fitness classes are involved. There is an optional “Gym Sessions” but what that entails we don’t know. You get 1 Yoga session in the morning and a private 1on1 Yoga session in the evening before dinner.

1-12 weeks available – 1 Week 29,990THB – 4 weeks 99,900THB

Titan Fitness Phuket Promo Video

This video features a few testimonials of clients training at Titan Fitness along with some shots of them training and looking around the facility.

Photos of Titan Fitness Phuket

Here are some photos of Titan Fitness, displaying the family orientated atmosphere and their awesome assault course.

Titan Fitness Location

Titan Fitness is on the famous Soi Ti-eed  road, also know as Soi Muay Thai (Soi = Road) The same road as Tiger Muay Thai & Phuket Top Team, they have plenty of parking for Cars and motorbikes.

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