The Vitruvian Method

“Exceptional Results requires an Exceptional Approach.”

What is the Vitruvian Method?

One of the most recognizable pieces of artwork today, the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo DaVinci, depicts human perfection through symmetry, harmony and balance. Perfectionism today is often a dirty word and meaning the unattainable. We believe however the original definition of ‘perfection’ is closer to the true meaning and something to aspire to. Aristotle (in his book ‘Delta of the Metaphysics) said that to be ‘perfect was to be complete —containing all the requisite parts’. This is the goal of the Vitruvian Method to achieve a complete health, wellbeing and physical aesthetic transformation through combining the synergies of correct training, optimal nutrition, and personal development work.

So what does all this mean?

Allow us to share a sample of our methodology below to show some of the processes we use to transform clients. As you can see we believe:

A Sample of our Methods

Step 1: Correctly Setting Goals

We start by introducing you to our unique brand of SMART goals creation that will set the stage for our work and solidify what we are seeking to achieve together because ‘results mean everything to us’.

Step 2: Assessing the client

“As we say, if you are not assessing you are just guessing”.

By the end of our assessments you will have experienced a level of multifaceted self-awareness that you no doubt have ever experienced before, including an understanding of:

  • how your previous eating habits set you up for failure
  • how our current state of health and body shape is influenced by your digestive, immune, and hormonal systems
  • how effectively you move and correctly you stand (posture) and how these will affect your chance of injuries and ability to function or perform tasks
  • how your current stresses and lifestyle habits are linked to your dietary choices and results
  • how by recognizing your individual unique personality and learning style can lead to creating and maintaining new habits
  • Plus much more…

Step 3: Developing the Training Program

This plan first takes into account exercises that will correct any muscle and movement imbalances you have. We then develop a training periodization plan to attain the goals we developed together (e.g. fat loss, muscle toning, gaining muscle, and increasing strength). We pride ourselves on helping you achieve your personal goals which may be aesthetic like shaping and fat loss but at the same time using exercises that develop functional and core strength.

Step 4: Implementing the Nutritional Plan

Depending on your goals we develop a nutritional plan taking into account your current health status, metabolic individuality, current stresses, and food likes and dislikes because we believe willpower to eat an unrealistic diet will only last so long and we want to change you and your habits for life

Step 5: Encouraging Personal Development

We will introduce a variety of strategies to help you recognize your current mental patterns and habits (nothing crazy – just simple methods to promote self-awareness). We will also work with you to encourage developing personal accountability throw our openness in our successful approach (we will hold no secrets back with you). Because we believe that by clarifying and simplifying to you ‘The Vitruvian Method’ this will lead to empowerment. As the saying goes, ‘give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime’.

Step 6: Testing and Progressing

This is one of the keys to success and also contributes to personal development. You will receive weekly body composition tests along with regular strength and performance tests depending on your goals.

This is but a simple overview of ‘The Vitruvian Method’ if you would like to learn more please contact us and we will happily reveal more about our exceptional program.