Sarah Dorman Phuket Swimming InstructorSarah Dorman

Sarah Dorman is a 15-year veteran swim coach and lifeguarding/CPR/First Aid Instructor. Since the age of three, Sarah has loved being in the water, both recreationally and competitively. Having begun her competitive swimming career at the age of five and continuing all the way through college, Sarah is quite familiar with the process of swimming fundamentals all the way up to collegiate level training.

Through her love of swimming and desire to help others learn to enjoy the water, Sarah began teaching in 2003 and was certified as a Water Safety Instructor in 2007 while working toward a bachelor’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh. She has held every position on the pool deck, including Lifeguard, Swim Instructor, Masters Swim Coach, CPO (certified pool operator), and Aquatics Director, and has helped design and produce swimming programs for multiple US educational institutions, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University.

Sarah has taught swimmers as young as 6-months old and has experience with every age and ability.  While she also works through various non-profits doing web design and international marketing, Sarah can never say no to helping someone learn how to swim. Her passion for swimming has led around the world, coaching students in New Zealand, South Africa, Tanzania, and now in Thailand.

Currently living in Phuket, Sarah teaches private and group lessons around the island to anyone who is willing to learn. Technique work is her speciality, as her training has always relied on developing very specific technical skills. Her competitive events include 100M Freestyle, 200M Freestyle, and 100M Butterfly, along with Medley and Freestyle relays. However, no matter what level the swimmer, Sarah takes a personal interest in all of her student’s progress and caters her classes to meet the needs of every student, helping to improve both their skills and experience in the water.