Santosa Detox & wellness Center

Santosa Wellness Center

Santosa Phuket and Wellness Center is a detox centre with a lot of different programs. They range the standard full fast, juice fast and raw food fast that most detox and wellness places do in Phuket. They also have a Vegan program and raw healing program, which looks identical to the raw food fast but its nearly 20,000 THB cheaper.

In addition to these programs, they have programs called emotional detox, infinite bliss, yoga retreat and active cleanse. 10 programs in total all of which overlap a lot. From a marketing and organization perspective, I find this very messy. Like going to a restaurant with 400 dishes on the menu… You end up never being able to decide what you want.

Wellness Programs

All Santosa’s wellness programs are centred around promoting individual wellness and vitality on multiple levels, reaching a higher potential of mind, body and soul. Each program has been crafted on research-based therapies, treatments and nutrition. All programs include treatments, therapies, supplements, health-boosting beverages, daily classes and professional consultations.

Santosa Phuket Wellness Center Detox Phuket