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Rawai Gym is a Thai owned gym, its as close as you will get to a Rocky Balboa style gym, equipment is good & strong quality but there isn’t any Air Condition which some people prefer but others might find it hard to workout in the heat and griping the equipment with sweaty hands can be hazardous.

The gym doesn’t have much in terms of social media or even a website to show you what its like… All there is, is the photos below. Rawai gym is a Cheap & Cheerful gym for short term visits, at only 100 baht per day.

Rawai Gym’s Location

Rawai Gym is located on Visit Road, if you were heading towards Rawai Pier it would be on your left hand side. You can park your car on the street outside of the gym and there is a space to park bikes/scooters right outside the gym.

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