Nai Harn Gym

Nai Harn Gym is one of the most popular gyms in Phuket, predominantly on the south side of the Island. Since its opening on October 31st 2008, it has expanded its grounds 4 times, becoming one of the largest single-floor gyms Phuket offers. The equipment is at the top of the range and is constantly being upgraded, and new equipment or machines are added every year. The Facility is fully Air Conditioned with synchronized music in both gym sections.

One of the main features of Nai Harn Gym is the range of Freelance Personal Trainers. Many other gyms only allow in-house trainers, mostly Thai locals, whose English is limited and their understanding of Personal Training differs from Western Personal Training. All the Personal Trainers that work within Nai Harn Gym are listed inside the gym, each being a specialist in their way of training, from Body Building Trainers to Correctional Rehabilitation Trainers. Whichever you need, there is a trainer there for you.

You can go to Nai Harn Gym for a 1 day Free Pass to get a feel for the gym and have a good training session on the house before you commit. Nai Harn Gym also has the cheapest annual membership rate on the Island of Phuket. Just 9,999 THB and a special offer is launched each year: “Buy one get one Free” annual Membership so 2 people can buy a 1-year membership for 9,999 THB, equalling only 416 THB a month.

You can be on the lookout for that offer on the Facebook Page.

Hours: 7 Days – 7am-10pm
Call: +66 (0) 762-265-06

1 Day – 400 Baht
1 Week – 1,200 Baht
1 Month – 3,000 Baht
3 Months – 5,000 Baht
6 Months – 7,000 Baht
1 Year – 9,999 Baht

Photos of Nai Harn Gym

Below are some photos of Nai Harn Gym, It has one single floor divided into 2 room, one very big open room with brand new and top of the range cardio machines as well as some very cool machine weights and 2 very smooth cable pull systems.

Nai Harn Gym Location

Nai Harn Gym location on google maps, they have plenty of space for car parking and bike parking – The Gym is located behind Davinci’s Restaurant very easy to see.

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Nai Harn Gym Video

In this video, you see Krix Luther a resident personal trainer at Nai Harn Gym teaching Isaac from the Phuket Gazette a few correction tips & tricks to help with his multiple back issues. Isaac was undergoing a 6 pack 6-week challenge tailored made by The Vitruvian Method