Krix Luther – Transformation Specialist.

Krix Luther Phuket Personal Trainer

Krix Luther is a Fully Qualified Personal Trainer with over a decade of experience. He specializes in Strength & Conditioning and weight loss. Krix first came to Thailand in 2007 to further his career as a Professional Thai Boxer, in which he remained undefeated for 3 years till he retired in 2010 to launch his fitness business here in Phuket, Thailand. “The Vitruvian Method” Krix utilized his passion for strength and professional athlete experience to create exciting and modern workouts with strict proficiency, allowing his clients to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. Krix Luther is probably the most popular Personal Trainer on the island. Living in Phuket for over 15 years, he is easily the most long-standing trainer on the island, with an impeccable record. Both inside the gym and outside.

Krix is also the founder of 2 environmental organizations/charities. First, he founded in 2012 called Clean The Beach Boot Camp. Krix gives a free workout on the beach to everyone and anyone, and in return, all participants help him clean the trash off the beach. The initiative soon spread to parts of Thailand like Koh Samui and now in other counties as far as Angola, Kuwait, Bali, Mumbai and Hong Kong.


    • International Sports Science Association
    • AIDA levels 1, 2, & 3
    • ISSA – Strength & Conditioning
    • TRX Certification
    • Vipr Certification


    • Strength Training
    • Muscles Building
    • Free Diving
    • Thai Boxing
    • Body Transformations