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Dragon Muay Thai, authentic Muay Thai Gym, been around for awhile. Second gym to open up on the infamous Soi Tieed A.K.A Muay Thai Road, same road as Tiger Muay Thai & Phuket Top Team.

A unique addition to this gym is that you can pay just 5,000 Baht a month for once per day training which is ideal for fitness/weight loss clientele simply because now you have a variety of fitness centres on the same road like Primal Fitness, Unit 27, Titan Fitness, Phuket Crossfit, Hot Yoga – So you can really mix it up the training without having to pay full price for classes you would never use.

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Dragon Muay Thai
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Dragon Muay Thai Location:

Dragon Muay Thai is on the infamous Soi Ti eed road A.K.A Muay Thai Road, lots to do on this road. Additional Training Facilities, lots of healthy restaurants to keep you on path. Also alot of things to lead you astray to ūüėČ

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