Fitness Benefits of TRX Training

Have you heard of the TRX? It’s a piece of innovative fitness equipment that you can carry around in a bag, quickly set up anywhere, and also have a great workout. Not depending on a gym anymore, is just one of the many benefits of the TRX. Due to its unique design and effectiveness, the TRX has become quite popular among many fitness enthusiasts. Especially those who don’t want to miss out on their training even while travelling. And we tend to see many such people who are going to Phuket but are keen on maintaining fitness as well.

However, are you a bit wary about any fancy-sounding fitness equipment? If so, it is quite understandable, with the number of hoaxes the advertising industry tries to pull off. The benefits of TRX, such as – super effective and fun fitness equipment that can be used from the comfort of your home – admittedly sounds like a rip-off. After all, how can one expect to gain proper levels of fitness, without the hard work that goes behind it? 

Well, we agree that it sure sounds like one of those scams that play on the temptation of getting a great body without having to sweat it out at the gym. But hold on before you jump the gun on TRX. Because, despite what it sounds like, TRX is not a hoax, and its not a walk in the park either. TRX is a lot of hard work! Read on to find out how it functions, and what are the benefits of TRX.

TRX: Using Gravity & Bodyweight For A Super Workout

TRX or “Total Resistance Exercises” is a fitness kit that is used for specialised suspension training. Making use of your Bodyweight against gravity, TRX provides a complete workout that builds core strength as well as increases balance and stability. The TRX kit has been developed after a lot of in-depth research that included consultation from reputed coaches, athletes and even the military. So rest assured, it’s not a shot in the dark if you hope to reap the benefits of TRX.

TRX: Myth vs Reality

Even with genuine inventions, as with TRX, some advertisers tend to go overboard when it comes to selling stuff to people. Just a simple search for the benefits of TRX will throw a bucketload of jargon at you trying to convince you that TRX will help you achieve your dream body like none other! Stuff like – super fast and effective, crazy fat burning capability, promises 6-pack abs, meet all your fitness goals, easily set it up on the go and so on.. well except for the last one, i.e. portability and ease of setting it up, everything is just hogwash. 

Unlike what they may like you to believe, TRX is an innovative suspension training kit. And it requires you to be committed and put it in a lot of effort, just like any decent workout, if you wish to achieve the results you dream of. That said, it does have its genuine advantages, and mentioned below are the Top 3 Benefits Of TRX.

TRX Helps To Correct Your Posture

In this digital day and age, where people are sitting in front of a computer most of the time, the natural posture of the body goes for a toss. Such incorrect posture leads to some muscle groups being stressed and overactive while weakening other muscles due to inactivity. Over time, due to the improper posture, many people find it difficult to perform even simple exercises such as the squat.

With the help of the TRX, on the other hand, it is possible to achieve the correct form with squats and other similar workouts. One can lift up, by pulling on to the TRX. By providing such compensation for the weak muscle groups, the user with regular practice, can correct the incorrect posture, and even achieve deeper ranges in the workout. For those who are too sceptical about these things, no, it is not cheating. Such a method is called ‘offsetting’ the weight. We believe that helping to correct the incorrect posture, gained from unhealthy lifestyle practices, is one of the primary benefits of TRX.

It can be used by anyone.

We are not making a generic statement here, but rather a technical one. Adaptability is one of the main features that enable many of the benefits of TRX. This adaptability is achieved by the three types of resistance the TRX provides. These make it possible to take any TRX workout from very easy to very hard.

TRX Resistance:

  1. Stability – this resistance depends on  your feet position
  2. Vector – resistance based on body angle
  3. Pendulum – resistance gained by changing the TRX angle

If a user finds the TRX push up a bit too easy, then they can use the stability resistance and try the same using one foot. They can also try the vector resistance, which moves their feet further back, which puts more weight in their hands and in turn, increases the list on the muscles.

The pendulum resistance is more complicated, in that you have to put your feet in straps. However, pendulum resistance needs good core strength and is hence recommended only for advanced students.

Thus with the help of the 3 resistance, the benefits of TRX extends to everyone, no matter what your fitness level.

TRX tends to be fun!

Although this might sound like a marketing line, it is honestly more of an observation. Over the years, we have seen that people rarely get disappointed at the idea of a TRX workout. Most of the time, it gets everyone excited.  This is totally understandable since monotonous routines always lead to boredom. TRX helps break the routine by introducing variations in the workout. Additionally, it can be used anywhere, which is also a nice change! Thus by making it fun, it also provides the motivation to train regularly. This, in turn, making consistency one of the benefits of TRX.

TRX, which was invented by a Navy seal so that he may train his troops in the remotest part of the world, has benefited people from all walks of life. There are numerous types f work out that can be performed using the TRX. Common workout mistakes happen even at good gyms. That is why it is advisable to take the help of a professional before getting started. 

Since TRX has become popular among fitness enthusiasts, it does come with a price tag that maybe be a bit too high for some folks. No need to get disappointed, though. Here are some great TRX alternatives that are just as effective but won’t cost you a bomb! If you have any experience with TRX or any of the TRX alternatives, then please share your experience in the comment section below, and help provide some useful feedback to your peers.