Atmanjai Detox & Wellness Center

Atmanjai Detox Wellness Center PhuketAtmanjai is one of the oldest and most established Detox and Wellness Centres on the island. They first opened their doors in 2003 as a small Phuket Detox centre. When Detoxing wasn’t popular and the island of Phuket was pretty quiet.

As the years passed, Atmanjai expanded its facilities, improving and extending their Wellness Programs. Today Atmanjai stands as an authority in the Wellness world and have harnessed their skill and experience to 4 perfectly tailored programs.


The Ultraclense consists of full fasting. The idea is to allow the digestive system to rest and reset whilst your immune system goes into overdrive and cleanse out all the toxins in your body.

Juice Cleanse Program

The Juice Fast Program is designed similar to the Ultracleanse. It detoxifies the body and helps rid itself of accumulated waste. It also nourishes the body with fresh fruits and vegetable juice. Green juices are famous for their toxin purging effects. You will hydrate the cells with essential enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and gut-friendly bacteria.

Eat Well Program

Atmanjai’s eat well program is designed for those who need to work more on their eating habits. Those with very acidic diets and lifestyles. It’s also a stepping stone program for clients who wish to do a harder cleanse later like the Ultracleanse.

Fitness & Yoga Holiday Program.

The Fitness and Yoga Holiday Program is Atmanjai’s latest addition to their something. The program was designed and executed by one of Asia’s leading Personal Trainers, Krix Luther. The program has had huge success and rightfully so. Atmanjai’s philosophy on fitness is not like some of the other fitness centres where the main and only objective of the trainer is to smash their clients into the ground until they are exhausted.

Any idiot can make you tired, you don’t fly all the way to Thailand and spend a lot of money to do get that. The Fitness & Yoga Holiday program serves to get your moving, lower your stress levels, energies you, relax on holiday whilst having some fun doing some fitness and working on your mobility and flexibility with some great yoga sessions.

Atmanjai Location

Atmanjai is located right on the beachfront of Friendship Beach. Just a few kilometres down from Chalong Pier. The views are mesmerizing and the atmosphere very relaxing. Highly recommended if you need to unwide from a business lifestyle and reflect on yourself a little.


Atmanjai has a huge variety of accommodation. They are teamed up with Friendship Beach Resorts and Serenity. So you can choose the accommodation that suits your needs and style. From backpacker vibe to beachfront bungalow all the way up into the Luxury Villa’s at Serenity Resort which is just 100 meters up the road.

Atmanjai’s Facilities.

Herbal Sauna and Ice Bath

Herbal Sauna and Ice Bath combination are great for purging the toxins and helping the muscles heal from a hard day’s training. It’s also great for combating inflammation. Their Sauna is open from 5:30 pm till 8 pm every day and is exclusive to Atmanjai guests only.

Open Gym

The Atmanjai gym is an open no walls gym that allows the beach breeze to blow through whilst your exercises. The gym is full of free weights and lots of function equipment like TRX, Kettles Bells, Battle Ropes, Wall & Slam Balls, Resistant Bands as well as your typical cardio machines.


The swimming pool is a big one with a jacuzzi section at the end for the underwater massage feeling. The Atmanjai pool is in part with serenity resort. So you will get to meet and hang out with people who are not on the detox program but are also on holiday relaxing.


The Restaurant at Atmanjai has nothing but positive feedback. The food is amazing and the staff are like no other. Very attentive and can remember return guests names and order that haven’t been to Atmanjai for years. The place is award-winning as is also in part of Friendship Beach Resort so it’s a great place to mingle with other guests

Birds Eye View of the Retreat

Atmanjai Detox Center in Phuket Thailand

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