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Action Point Phuket

Pawel Welchar, a professional architect, designer, and lifelong health and fitness devotee created Action Point. The Gym, as you can imagine, is very well designed. Although the flooring is not wide-open, it certainly makes use of height. The Gym has Fitness Classes at the bottom, a weight gym on the first floor, and a restaurant pool on the second floor.

Action Point Phuket also has an open rooftop area for Yoga. Although the gym area is small, the equipment is high quality. They have in-house Personal Trainers that you can hire to help you achieve your goals.

Ice Baths and Herbal Steam Saunas are also available at Action Point Phuket. It’s advisable to take advantage of both when training. The Ice Bath will jump-start your recovery from your workout, and the sauna will help you climatise to Thailand’s humidity. However, combining the two, Ice Bath and Sauna, offers multiple recovery advantages and health benefits.

Action Point Location

The Gym is located in Rawai on Soi Sai Yuan 10, a small tarmac side road. There are some parking spaces for a few cars and plenty of bikes.

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