Best Physiotherapists

Phuket Physiotherapy

Welcome to Physiotherapist Phuket, below is a range of Current and active Physiotherapist in Phuket, Thailand. Each person listed here has a reputation for excellence, they live in Phuket and have practised their style of Physiotherapy here for many years.

Physiotherapy isn’t just for people with serious issues or injury’s, like a gym isn’t just for morbidly obeses people. There are alot of benefits to your health and well being by visiting a Physiotherapists. Simply going for a checkup, seeing if everything is in alignment, going for a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) to analyses if you have any muscular imbalances that might lead to a bigger issue later on.

Like getting a health check up with your doctor or dentists, Physiotherypy can check your body is working as functionally as possible and if not provide some simple corrective steps to a better healthier body.

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