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Welcome to our Fitness Blog

At Phuket Fighters, we write a variety of Fitness Blogs. Some of which are written for you and your training here in Phuket.

There is a lot of bullshit floating around out there. On the internet, in the health and fitness industry and from Personal Trainers with their bro science. Not just about fitness but about Muay Thai as well.

You probably can’t go to any bar or restaurant on Soi Tied (Tiger Muay Thai road) without some steroid muncher vomiting false information to the new kid about how to get strong and lean like him.

Or the guy who been in Phuket 3 weeks who just had his first fight at Bungla Boxing Stadium against a tuk-tuk driver. Now all of a sudden he is professional advice giver. Talking like he has been fighting in the Muay Thai circuit for 2 decades.

They will tell you all this advice, tips about training Muay Thai, Strength & Condition and nutrition etc. 90% of which is bullshit or bro science.

So, read our Fitness Blog if you really want to know the truth. We love to debunk the myths about health and fitness and some of the BS that circulates around the Muay Thai scene.

What Is HIIT Training Group Shot

What is HIIT Training

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The Benefits of Morning Walks

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Stress Bucket

The Stress Bucket

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Phuket Muay ThaI Bro Science

Bro Science vs Bio Hacking

Bro Science vs Bio Hacking - by Craig Burton Before I delve into this topic – let me start by saying Nutritional Science and Sports Science are very flawed disciplines subject to so much interpretation....

Train Hard! Recover Hard!

Believe it or not, training can increase the amount of stress in your life, and stress accumulates over time. I work closely with many Thai boxing gyms in Phuket and I get asked a lot...

Balancing Posture – Part 1

“Spot reduction” is a myth and you can’t loose belly fat by just doing sit-ups, nor can you make your upper legs slender by only doing squats. The same applies to your chest, hitting...

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