Phuket Yoga Instructors

Welcome to Yoga Phuket page – Here you will find all the Yoga Instructors that are listed in Phuket – They either have their own Yoga Studio &/or are Freelance Yoga Instructors that could visit you for Private 1 on 1 Yoga Session or at a disclosed location, like the Beach or Park.

Theres’s nothing like doing a Sun Rise or Sun Set yoga session on the Beach. Yoga is also great for weight loss – Not all exercise has to be a gut busting hard core gym session or a Fitness¬†Class¬†that leaving you lying on the floor in the puddle of your own sweat.

And whilst this is the Phuket Fighters website… You should know that Yoga & Thai Boxing work pretty well together, not just from Fitness Point of few but also in the Ring.

The Phuket Yoga Instructors below are displayed in order of most voted/recommend. Top left being the best working its way to the right & down.

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